Our History

Hsin Tung Yang has been working hard to promote traditional Chinese food culture and to bring the taste to the western world. The goal of Hsin Tung Yang is to use high quality meat and ingredients to produce the highest quality food products possible that will complement a healthy lifestyle. Our values are simple: Honesty, Trustworthy, Dependable and Innovative. Our purpose is to pursue everlasting relationships with our customers.

The former Chairman Mr. Mai Hsin-Fu is from Taoyuan, Taiwan. With his unparallel willpower, the former Chairman started producing and selling processed meat products from the scratch and founded Hsin Tung Yang in 1967 when the Taiwan industry just began to emerge. The outlet located at Wuchang Street was the origin of the corporation.

The former Chairman began his business with idea by promoting fine and internationalized Chinese food culture. Inspired by this idea, the enterprise has been making progress in production technology, management, sales and research development. As a result, Hsin Tung Yang has developed itself into a vigorous enterprise. It has earned fame all over the world. This has paved way for the Taiwan food industry to get in the international market. The constant growth and sturdiness of Hsin Tung Yang, the outlets all over the province and several branch stores of duty-free stores at Taoyuan C.K.S. Airport (an international image) have all proved the former Chairman’s foresighted business wisdom. In 1980, he established the Hsin Tung Yang in the United States selling to the Asian supermarkets.

The former Chairman frequently worked abroad for developing international business. The former Chairman was also very zealous about social public interests. He worked in important posts for many organizations dealing with public interests. He made innumerable contributions to sports, police, fire department and poverty relief department without making it public. The former Chairman founded the Mai Hsin Tung Yang Foundation in 1984. The former Chairman worked very hard all his life and successfully established variety of businesses. He never slowed down his pace of work. Even at the moment he fell ill, he was busy with the operation of duty-free stores at C.K.S. Airport, planning of Taoyuan Plant and development of international cooperation.

Many people admired the former Chairman and his employees’ hard working attitudes. They respect his personality of deep human attachments, care for his employees and modest attitudes in spite of great achievements. The former Chairman Mr. Mai Hsin-Fu passed away on September 14, 1985 due to high blood pressure at the age of 44. His sudden death shocked the whole industry. But despite his death, his passionate work ethic remains with the company today.

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