About Us


Established in 1967, Hsin Tung Yang opened its first retail store in Taiwan selling beef jerky, pork jerky, rou song and other Asian meat products. The company was founded by Mr. Hsin-Fu Mai and his wife Mrs. Su-Wuan Lee Mai. With their unparallel will power, they turned one small retail store into a chain of stores. There are now over 70 retail Hsin Tung Yang stores in Taiwan. Even though the company has grown over the years, it is still a family owned business. Therefore, the philosophy of the company has remained the same, which is to produce high quality and trustworthy products for our customers.In 1977, Hsin Tung Yang USA was established in San Francisco. All Hsin Tung Yang products are produced under GMP and HACCP with daily USDA supervision.Hsin Tung Yang food products can be found throughout all the major Asian supermarkets and grocery stores in the United States. We care about our customer’s health so we always try to use natural ingredients. NO MSG is used for our beef jerky, dried cured pork, sausages, ham and rou song products unlike other companies. We believe our goal is help our customers lead a healthier lifestyle. For our customer’s convenience, we have created an online store where the customers are one click away from experiencing an instant taste of Asia!