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How will I know if my order was processed?

You will receive an order confirmation if your credit card was processed. If the computer froze or somehow the order did not get processed, you will not receive an order confirmation.

When will I receive my order from online shopping?

You will receive an order confirmation once it is processed. Within a business day or two your order will be shipped. You will then receive a shipping confirmation. Once it is shipped, you can use your tracking number to check on the UPS website

US shipped orders can usually takes about 5-10 business days.

Why did my order get rejected?

Either your credit card information did not match your billing address or else the credit card had wrong information. Please contact our office if you have any questions. 650-589-7689

Where can I find the supermarkets that sell your products?

We sell at all the big Asian supermarkets in most of the USA. For a specific supermarket around your location, please call 650-589-7689 and someone will be gladly to help locate your nearest supermarket.

Isn't all Hsin Tung Yang food products made in Taiwan?

No. This is a misconception. ALL the meat products are produced under USDA supervision in the United States.  All the non-meat items are imported from our company in Taiwan.

When will Mooncakes be available?

Mooncakes are produced once a year before the Autumn Moon Day which changes year to year based on the lunar calendar. Usually Mooncakes are available during July to October.

I am a wholesaler or re-seller. How can I sell your products?

You will need to fill out a wholesaler/re-seller application. Please call our customer service for the application (650) 589-7689 Once it is approved, we can then give you our wholesale price.

Can I place an order on the telephone instead of online?

Yes, you can also place an order on the telephone. Please call customer service (650) 589-7689 to place your order if you find it more convenient.

How if I am shipping the order outside of the 48 states which includes Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and other international locations?

Please contact customer service (650) 589-7689 and we can probably give you a cheaper price based on the quantity ordered.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is based on the net weight of the product including packaging and the shipping location.

I am interested in buying a bulk quantity, will the price be cheaper?

Please contact customer service (650) 589-7689 and we can probably give you a cheaper price based on the quantity ordered.

Should I refrigerate the products afterward the package is open?

Yes, please refrigerate all products after it is open. In addition, do not leave the products in the sun too long.